Charity Event FAQ's

Combined Federal Campaign Event FAQ

How do I sign up to receive CFC event invitations?

If you are a local charity in this zone, then your contact information is already included in our distribution list. If you are a national or international charity, and not a member of a federation, contact [email protected] to be added to our distribution list. Please include charity name, CFC Code, POC name and email. If your organization is a member of a federation, please contact your federation.

What email address will Event Invitations and Confirmation emails come from?

[email protected] – please “white list” this email to avoid having invites and confirmations go into a junk folder.

How will a federation know which charity is being invited to the event?

The initial invite email will have the name of the specific charity as the salutation.

How can a Federation identify a different charity (other than the one invited) will attend the event?

This will occur when the invited charity is unable to attend. The Federation will have the opportunity to substitute another charity to attend. The Federation will need to notify CFC support staff regarding this change.

In the RSVP form, please enter the name of the new charity in the “additional comments” section. This change will be recorded in our system and will update the list of charities attending the event that is sent to the agency event POC.

What happens if a charity misses the 48-hour deadline to RSVP?

The RSVP link does not expire. If an organization is able to attend, please click the RSVP (once) at any time. If the event is already full, the organization will assigned to the event waiting list. A confirmation email will be sent confirming the organizations waitlist status.

What should a charity do if they need to change their RSVP?

Organizations will need to contact the zone event coordinator [email protected]