Joseph's Story

Joseph Lipari

My cause is people with disabilities because my wife has several physical and mental disabilities. We have worked with several CFC-supported charities to educate key people in insurance and government that many forms of mental illness are as much a physical impairment of the brain  as diabetes is to the pancreas. And that these disabilities and related illnesses should be given the same access to health care and necessary supplies as any other physical illness. Among the large CFC base of active duty and retired government civilians and military, many have family members with these disabilities. They have an interest in designating to charities foor this cause, which will help themselves and others. Many CFC-supported charities research medications to help people with these disabilities; others help the disabled purchase various medical supplies they need to live with their disabilities. The CFC gives government employees, members of the military, and retirees an opportunity to show their generosity for causes that are important to them.

Joseph Lipari, Retired Civilian, U.S. Air Force