Meals on Wheels Central Texas

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Meals on Wheels Central Texas
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(soft music plays) [text] MOWCTX volunteers deliver hot meals, warm smiles, and safety checks to Annie H’s home. Annie Hitchcock: "It’s opened up a whole new world, that’s what I tell everybody. It’s opened up a whole new world for me. I don’t have to worry ‘oh, what am I going to eat.’” [text] Our Telehealth Treatment helped Ida H. successfully battle her depression. Ida Haywood: “They helped me realize the level of things that were happening in my life and I could put a different perspective on. So that was great. It was like going to a psychiatrist.” [text] And our Home Repair Program replaced a leaky roof and faulty flooring in Roy H’s house. Roy & Pam Morgan “Meals on Wheels blessed us with doing this job, otherwise we never could have afforded it. [text] Meals on Wheels Central Texas Delivering More Than a Meal