Project On Government Oversight

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Project On Government Oversight
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0:00:01.955,0:00:02.995 What will you do? 0:00:04.235,0:00:06.525 What will you do if the moment comes? 0:00:07.640,0:00:15.520 Federal sector employees like you keep America safe, strong, and growing at home and abroad. 0:00:15.520,0:00:19.760 You serve the public, and you take that responsibility seriously. 0:00:19.760,0:00:26.300 So, if the moment comes, if you witness something seriously wrong: what would you do? 0:00:26.300,0:00:28.760 Would you feel ready to raise your concerns? 0:00:28.760,0:00:32.560 Would you know what to do, and who to go to? 0:00:32.560,0:00:35.300 Would you be putting yourself at risk? 0:00:35.300,0:00:38.660 You should never be forced to choose between doing what's right for our country, 0:00:38.660,0:00:42.200 and doing what's right for your career. 0:00:42.200,0:00:45.920 If the moment comes, be prepared. 0:00:45.920,0:00:53.020 Learn more about your options, your rights, and your protections before you need to know.